Ask Jigs | Decorating with Art

Hi, Jigs! I noticed that almost all your projects have beautiful art pieces. I must admit decorating with art makes the space extra classy and aesthetically strong. I’ve always wanted to decorate with art. But I am just about to begin collecting and not sure where to start. Any suggestions?

James Castel, Quezon City


Hello, James. I believe it’s a good start to determine first the reason behind your decision to collect art. As for me, I collect because of these 3 reasons: aesthetic, investment, and ownership. I revel in the beauty of the work, believe in the talent of the artist, and take pride in owning a masterpiece. Once you’ve decided on one (or three, like me!) take note of some friendly reminders below:
1. Buy only a work that captures your heart. Make sure you are in love with what you are buying. It’s not enough that you are fan of the artist; you must also love the artwork’s subject, color, and size.

2. Research about the artwork’s authenticity. This is especially helpful when buying the works of a master or national artist. As these works are usually expensive, it is very important to make sure they are not reproduction, printed, or copied versions of the original. While the whole process of checking requires the help of a specialist, you can do your part by examining the painting under a strong light to check for pencil marks from the artist’s original sketch. You can also compare the signature on the painting you are about to purchase with the signature of other pieces done by the artist. For peace of mind, consider buying from a trusted gallery.

3. Be your own curator. Plan for a place to hang the artwork well so that it can be well appreciated. Be also mindful of the placement of your other furnishings around the art.

Hope these help. Good luck and have fun decorating with these masterpieces!

– Jigs