Ask Jigs | Decorations

Hi, Jigs,

I just redecorated our den. I took some of your linen advice in your previous Ask Jigs and the result looks amazing. However, it still seems a bit bare. I’m thinking of buying some home accessories to spruce up the place, but the new color scheme is throwing my decision making for a loop. Where should I start?

What are the do’s and don’ts?

– Felix Cuaderno, Taguig City


Hi, Felix. Thank you for being a loyal blog reader. Stay tuned because we update this site very frequently.

Buying accessories can be a daunting experience. So many to choose from, but most of them won’t even fit the look you’re going for. However, here are some universal suggestions so you can hit the ground running.


  1. In tai chi, there’s a philosophy called “Heaven, man, and earth.” It’s a training aspect that develops each level of the body—upper and lower—to promote stability and balance. In arranging décor and flower, the philosophy stands. Layer your décor in varying heights to achieve a sense of wholeness and variety.
  2. Decorations are always seen and sometimes touched. Like in our patterns article, mixing and matching different materials and textures will make for a fuller aesthetic.
  3. Create a well-traveled look by putting together pieces you have acquired in your travels. Nothing speaks louder about you than the objects you’ve chosen to pick up for yourself. Statuettes from Greece, intricate pashminas from India, and even I <3 NY memorabilia from New York can add a dash of spice to a bland setting.
  4. Hang artworks at eye-level, usually at 60 o from the floor. If you can’t showcase your paintings the way were intended, then no one can really appreciate them.
  5. Focus. Every décor setting requires a focal point. You can create this by putting something in your chosen area that would draw your eyes to it. For example, an accent wall will benefit greatly from simple light, a painting, or a sculpture.


  1. Don’t put live plants and candles inside glass enclosed curio cabinets or on top of shelves. You want your décor to feel organic and real. And plants inside glass cases = not real.
  2. Glass décor on glass tables is a big mistake. Unless the décor differs in color from the table, don’t even try. Glass decorations are pretty to look at, but they will just vanish on a glass surface.
  3. Your decorations should be genuine and personal. They should tell a story about you and your adventures. With that in mind, don’t use artificial flowers and plants. It’s basically like placing forged artworks on your walls.
  4. Rugs and furniture go together like gangbusters. However, keep in mind to get rugs of appropriate size. Undersized area rugs should not be floating in the middle of the room—it should be paired with furniture pieces to create that facility of wholeness.
  5. Resin-made decorations may look classy, but nothing substitutes for the real thing. Decorations made from honest wood and stone may be a bit pricier, but they will always look and feel better than resin.

Hopefully, these tips help. Decoration is not an exact science, so I’ll leave you with advice that’s served me well all these years: go with your heart. Decorate with love and light and find the arrangement that best suits you.