Ask Jigs | Greenery

Hello, Jigs. Happy new year!

We’re doing a bit of early spring redecorating at our house. It’s that time of year. Because it’s the new year, we’re thinking of trying something new and exciting. My youngest told me she wanted more plants around the house. I thought this was a brilliant idea. Aside from my flower-loving youngest, however, we don’t know much about greenery. As much as I want my kid to be happy, I don’t want to turn our living area into a jungle, you know?

– Gordon Fontana, Mandaluyong


Happy new year to you, Gordon. I find it adorable your daughter has such a big say on how you design your home. I promise I won’t let her down. Working with greenery is actually much easier than it looks. Most plants are low-maintenance, and a simple installation adds a wealth of character to any room in the house. If you want to use greenery beyond simply potting and forgetting, read on:

  1. An accent wall. Certain species of air plants thrive under fluorescent lights and cool air. An accent wall filled with these hardy florae is sure to have your guests talking. If you’re feeling adventurous, reconsider the jungle look. Or at least confine it to a single stretch of wall.
  2. Distribute foliage. Decorating with greens isn’t a half-hearted endeavor. You have to go all in. Pepper your workplaces with little succulents. Light up your nooks and crannies with potted plants.
  3. Table accessories. Pair technology with nature and place accent lamps and potted greens side by side. The juxtaposition is not just ironic and aesthetically satisfying, it serves a biological purpose. The light from the lamp can nourish the plant while the plant wicks off the lamp’s excess radiation.
  4. Living area. It wouldn’t be a living room if you didn’t have something living actually in it. You can place plants on the coffee table as a centerpiece or in the corners to round out the negative space. Distribute your greenery evenly so everything feels blended.


Photo courtesy of Italian Bark.