Ask Jigs | Tips for Lighting Your Home

Hi, Jigs! I live in a condo with my husband and 3 children. Our unit isn’t a corner unit so lighting is plain and boring. My husband and I want to redo our interior lighting and do not know where to start. What type of lighting works best in each area of the house?

Koreen Dizon, Alabang

Hi Koreen! I am glad you guys took some time to reconsider your rooms’ lights. Let me get you started by giving you a preview of the three types of lighting:
  • Ambient – this type of lighting provides an area with overall illumination. It radiates a comfortable and tolerable level of brightness that will allow you to see and walk about safely. 
  • Task – this lighting helps you perform specific tasks (e.g. grooming, reading, cooking food, editing photos on your computer, playing games)
  • Accent – this type creates visual interest and is used to draw the eye to artworks, collections, houseplants, and the likes. 



Living Rooms should have ambient lighting. This can be provided by the basic ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures. When highlighting textures and ceiling or wall design, use accent lighting, provided by recessed and/or track lighting.
Bedrooms can make use of the three types of lighting. Use a ceiling-mounted fixture for general illumination, a desk lamp for reading or chilling at night, and/or wall-mounted picture lights to highlight a nice painting or a family photo.


should have task lights and general lights. Use wall- or ceiling-mounted fixture for general illumination. Make sure that it’s free of distracting glare and shadows and should be bright enough to prevent eye strain when preparing food or cooking. Add extra lighting under cabinets and a nice set of pendant lights to add drama to a mini bar.

Here’s to light, love, and family! 🙂

– Jigs