Ask Jigs | Type of Wood Material for Furnitures

Seasons Greetings, Jigs!

I’m constructing a den for my vacation home. I am going for a rustic-lodge sense of coziness, rather than something modern or industrial. So I’ve decided to work with wooden furniture. What type of wood or material is most ideal in building furniture?

-Felix Jacobo, Iba Zambales


Hello Felix,

Wood is one of the finest construction materials you can use. Working with wood instantly adds a timeless luster to whatever project you’re planning. Since we have a tropical climate, the wood you’re looking for should be porous but durable, with a visible, uniform grain. This prevents unnecessary warping, while still allowing it to be shaped and cut in a variety of ways.

A good wood that fits your needs is lauan, or Philippine mahogany. If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll take comfort in the abundance of this lumber in the Philippines. Still legal to harvest, Philippine mahogany is endemic to the Philippines. It’s a reliable kind of wood that is brimming with character and history. It’s quite affordable, too, in that respect.



Lauan’s grain is distinctively Philippine in nature. As the wood used in creating plywood, its grain features short streaks that coalesce into an effervescent overall pattern. Additionally, most wood species are on the reddish side that makes it blend well in interiors. Lights play off the varnished finish that bring out its inner warmth and solidity. Its versatility also allows it to be paired with harder or darker woods.

In a lot of ways, lauan is representative of the Filipino spirit. There is an inherent strength in adaptability and ubiquity. One just has to look past what we see as ordinary and find the inherent sophistication within.