Ask Jigs | Common Furniture Placement Mistakes

Ask Jigs

Hello, Jigs. Me and my family just moved into our own house (after renting for 10 years!) I am excited to decorate and finally invite friends over. Before I start this project, what are some common furniture placement mistakes in the living room, and how do I avoid them?

Luz Gutierrez, Pampanga

Hello, Luz. I’m all for easy and breezy living at home! Here are tried and tested tips on how to provide this to your family and guests by avoiding these common furniture placement mistakes.

Mistake # 1: Putting the sofa set at the edge of the room.

Problem: The place looks too sparse and uninviting.
Solution: Make sure to place the sofa in the middle. This way, you, your family and guests will have ample space to walk around it and the room won’t look too spaced out.

Mistake # 2: Placing furniture outside the rug.

Problem: The set-up looks uneven.
Solution: All furniture pieces should be inside the area rug or at least stepping on the area rug. This kind of placement zones a space in an open-area without closing it off to the rest of the room.

Mistake # 3: Putting a lot of pillows on the couch.

Problem: It limits the seating area and the pillow colors clash with the coffee table.
Solution: 4 pillows should be enough to provide ample seat space to your guests. Make sure they can recline and move comfortably while sitting too.

Mistake # 4: Lack of focal point.

Problem: Visual clutter in the living room
Solution: A room full of statement pieces and gorgeous artwork, while aesthetically attractive at first glance, will only produce eye sore. Decide on a focal point –a nice couch, a rug, or an artwork that you love, and decorate everything around it.

Mistake # 5: Buying furniture first.

Problem: Furniture too big or small for the space.
Solution: Before you make a purchase, make sure you measure the room and choose furniture of the appropriate size and scale for your living room. Please mind the FLOW in your space. Traffic should be ergonomically correct.

Hope these help! Also, congratulations on finally deciding to get your own house. Know that good days are ahead! 🙂


Jigs Adefuin