What ADS Loves This Week | Justin Nuyda

This week, we are loving the works of Justin Nuyda. One of the pillars of the Philippine Modern Art, Nuyda is a master of the modern and cerebral. His use of colors and stroke textures are robust and delicate, invoking solid slate and the fluidity of butterfly wings floating over horizons. Nuyda’s oeuvre demonstrates his considerable skill and imagination in reconciling the geometric and organic.

Nuyda’s modernism is warm and vibrant, while still respecting the genre’s emphasis on form and shapes. This allows Nuyda’s paintings to work very well with different design strategies. We here at ADS take our design inspirations and solutions from masters of different genres. Nuyda’s work reminds us that the natural and artificial need not be exclusive. Our designs are motivated by Nuyda’s ability to invoke opposites and have them complement each other. Nuyda explores the raw wonder one feels in the face of natural beauty without even drawing a single tree, a stray cloud, or a radiant sunset. He captures a singular, indescribable feeling. Here in Adefuin Design Studio, we aim to do the same.