What ADS Loves: Crystal Block Candelabras

This week, we’re going clear with block crystal candelabras. Crystal is usually used as a touch of opulence and grandness. One says ‘crystal’ and one thinks of swaying opera chandeliers or dripping from the necks of heiresses. But crystal is more flexible than you think. Crafted and cut to show off certain facets, crystal can be manufactured to fit any kind of setting. And what better way to show those facets than by the soft glow of candlelight.

Crystal block candelabras are prismatically cut to show off an exquisite amount of light. Just with the glow of a lone candle, these candelabras diffuse light to fill an entire room. And even if you don’t light it, the candelabras’ refraction to produces an illusory effect. Try crystal if you want to add an instant sparkle to a coffee or accent table. Are we clear?