What ADS Loves: Greenery

This week on What ADS Loves, we’re going green! In interior design, there’s always room for more plants. There’s a growing trend in the interior design field of adding more plants. Due to the millions of species of decorative foliage, one can do worse than filling in negative space with splashes of green and brown.

Foliage and succulents can inject a lot of energy in drab, neutral surroundings. They attract the eyes while simultaneously relaxing them.  With a little of bit care and placement, you wouldn’t even need to worry about them. Most indoor plants are quite cheap as well. A lot of sophistication for just a few hundred pesos. What more can you ask for?

Call it serendipity, but “Greenery” is Pantone’s color of the year. Welcome 2017 by going back to your roots.