What ADS Loves This Week | FontanaArte’s Vertigo

This week, we shine a light on FontanaArte’s Vertigo Floor Lamp. A chrome-finished prism of folded aluminum, this floor lamp bends the definitions of sculpture and fixture. Designed by Marco Acerbis in 2005, Vertigo captures the beautiful geometry of industrial design and the whimsical angles of cubist art. We love this because not only is it a functional lamp, it’s a conversation starter. It’s a metal-plated jaunt into a visionary future. It’s different. Daring.


Source: fontanaarte.com

Here in Adefuin Design Studio, we are constantly pushing the envelope on design. Our ideas have character. We admire experimentation because it’s the lifeblood of innovation. In ADS, a lamp is not just a lamp. Nor is a door just a door. It’s the perfect door for your perfect home.