What ADS Loves This Week | Patterns

This week, we are loving patterns. We’re falling back on old favorites: houndstooth and chevron. They are functional and timeless and are currently enjoying a resurgence in the design scene.

Houndstooth traces its origins in 1800s Scotland. As a simple tessellated pattern, houndstooth is incredibly adaptable as a base or an accent pattern. Its duotone palette can be both playful and sophisticated, depending the size of its distinct, four-point abstract shapes. Houndstooth bleeds old-school, but its versatility and aesthetics will see it used even in the future.


houndstooth pattern

Chevron is even older than houndstooth. Occuring in rock carvings and cave paintings, the timelessness of this design is of no question. A simple inverted V-shape, the chevron pattern works as a repeating pattern of zigzags. Curtains, chairs, rugs.  You can put chevrons on anything and voila—instant style.

chevron pattern

chevron pattern