What ADS Loves: Vacation

It’s vacation season here in the Philippines. Filipinos are trying their best to beat the heat, going to far flung places, kicking up their heels, and recharging from a long year of toil and hard work. We here at ADS are no different. Vacationing is important in percolating the creative juices and staving off burnout. Sometimes what you need be good at your job is to stop doing it altogether.

This week’s What ADS Loves is brought to you by the string cascades of flamenco guitars and the bloodlust of rushing bulls. Bienvenidos a Barcelona! Spain’s very own Ray of the Sun is an excellent vacation choice during their spring seaons of April-June. What they say about Spanish weather holds true—the warm Mediterranean climate is perfect for tanktops, sunnies, and swarthy tans.

After a day of exploring the city, you can feast on authentic Spanish cuisine. It’s a bit different from our Filipino standards, but it’s both familiar and exotic that you’ll want seconds of every meal. Your hosts are geared towards hospitality and generosity, so you’ll never want for the comforts of home.

On the cultural side of things, Nsis a hub of bold, brash, and varied architecure. Stoic and traditional Gothic Catalan Iglesia de Pi is a five-minute walk away from the baroque and elaborate Barcelona Cathedral. Visit the Sagrada Familia museum to marvel at the ingenuity and unlimited imagination of Gaudí. If you’re up to spelunk what seems like the underside of a large, sinewy aquatic beast, Gaudí’s Casa Batlló.

There are many reasons to visit Barcelona. The food, the people, and the venues are more than enough to fill an itinerary. But if you need only one, visit Barcelona because it’s a humble place that never forgot its roots, where past and present intermingle with grace and acceptance.