What ADS Loves: Walnut Wood

This week on What ADS Loves, we’re enamored with the warmth and easy elegance of walnut. Used as a working wood for furniture, flooring, countertops, and small projects, walnut’s versatility and ease of manipulation is remarkable. The wood cuts, glues, and sands evenly. Its natural textures lend to a fine finish. Walnut is also porous and stable enough to be steam-bent with predictable and satisfying results.

While walnut’s textures aren’t as robust or expressive as maple or oak, it still features a lot of visual interest. Walnut’s grain is long and smooth, with swooping knots and whorls that add quite a bit of intricacy to the even colors. Because of this, large raw slabs of the tree can be made into exquisite tables, benches, shelves, and other surfaces.