Design Excellence in Every Interior.

  • Creating interiors is creating lifestyles.

Jigs approaches his designs with care and caution; creativity and skill; excellence and perfection. He recognizes that the most important element in his designs are the people who use them in the end.

  • Function first, form will follow.

His simple formula equates to a design that is both livable and artistic.

  • Design should endure the test of time.

Jigs believes that designs that transcend time require the use of tried and tested design elements. For him, to be a good designer does not necessarily mean that you invent your own. You have the benefit of history to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Consequently, you choose what best suit your clients’ needs and preferences.

  • Clients deserve no less than well-crafted bespoke designs to match their distinct characters.

Jigs defies the “one-size-fits-all”- attitude by tailoring each piece according to the end-user. He’s notorious for ergonomic designs both in interiors and in the furniture pieces he designs. For instance, he studies the users’ average body size and posture, and then applies them accordingly to the measurement of the chair’s armrests and backrests.

  • Spaces should ignite meaningful conversations and create memories.

This is encapsulated with what he would like to call the “well-travelled” look. His choice of accessories is inspired by the dweller’s travels or aspirations—something that would illicit conversations among guests and evoke happy memories. This goes back to his belief in interior design being a lifestyle in itself—regardless of whether it reiterates an existing one or establishes a new one.