Ask Jigs | Storage Solutions

Good day, Jigs. I recently renovated a walk-in closet to expand my storage options. Before I started arranging my stuff, I wanted to ask your advice. What’s a no-fail storage solution for walk-in closets?

– Hazel Marquez, Pasig

Hello, Hazel!  I sense that you have a huge collection of clothes and accessories. Having a walk-in closet is a good move! Below are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your closet.
  1. Specialize. Nothing’s more infuriating than finding things in places where they shouldn’t be. A walk-in closet presents you with more space, which translates to more options. Compartmentalize. Aside from setting aside space for your clothes, allocate enough space for accessories and shoes. Even watches and perfumes should have their own special nook.
  2. Organize. While “beautiful mess” may be an attractive aesthetic for the bohemian in us, you shouldn’t apply it to your closet. Keep things tidy. There is an irreplaceable sense of satisfaction in seeing your belongings all organized according to a set pattern.
  3. Color code. Speaking of set patterns, color code.Not only is color coding an effective space-saving strategy, it’s an instant injection of style. Mapping out your closet and seeing a gradient of hues of shades is intensely appealing.
  4. Label. Despite all these storage solutions, you may still have some trouble finding what you need. When all else fails: label.
  5. Let it go. Closets have a finite amount of space, and no amount of organization can solve the hoarder’s dilemma. Make it a rule to let go of one old piece of clothing once you buy a new one. Donate or sell it. It may be hard, but you’ll be helping yourself—and maybe even the person who received your old clothes—in the long run.

– Jigs